Self-Employed Business Owners

UBA Self-Employed Banking is focused on delivering unique services to give your SME Business that great support.

It takes a supportive partner to grow a business

We cater for the bespoke needs of self-employed business owners: SMEs (Retails merchants & Gen. commerce), self-employed professionals, entertainers, start-ups, tech-entrepreneurs and artisans.


  • Anyone of the valid IDs: international passport/ driver’s license/ national ID/voter’s card
  • Passport photograph of the account signatories
  • Utility bill (not exceeding 3 months old)
  • Certificate of incorporation/registration/CBN license (for business enterprise)
  • Two references from current account holders (for current accounts only)
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN) - Nigeria Only



Live Initiatives

  • UBA Business Direct Lite (a complete business payment suite, which helps your business get paid, make payments, manage your operations and initiate marketing campaigns)
  • Electronic payment channels: PoS, QR codes, Internet and mobile banking
  • Secured credit facilities for eligible SMEs
  • Dedicated UBA SMESupportCentre Email:

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Discover more

Discover more